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ASD Closure Training

Start Date

September 4, 2024

End Date

September 5, 2024

Price & Registration

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An upcoming ASD Closure Training is set to take place in istanbul, Turkey, offering an exceptional opportunity for cardiologists to enhance their skills in atrial septal defect (ASD) closure procedures. Renowned for its distinguished panel of experienced experts in the field, this training promises to provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of ASD closure techniques.

The event is designed over a span of two days, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

On the first day, participants can expect to engage in a series of dynamic theoretical lectures and interactive discussions. These sessions will cover a wide spectrum of topics, including the latest advancements in closure devices, and procedural planning considerations. The experts will share their wealth of knowledge, shedding light on best practices and addressing challenges that may arise during ASD closure procedures.

The highlight of the training occurs on the second day, where participants will have the unique opportunity to witness live cases firsthand in the state-of-the-art catheterization lab of the hosting hospital. Guided by the expertise of the practitioners, attendees will observe the application of theoretical concepts in real-time clinical settings.

This immersive experience will provide valuable insights into the nuances of procedural execution, patient interaction, and decision-making under actual conditions.

Participants will witness the pre-procedural preparations, device positioning, and post-procedural care, gaining a holistic view of the ASD closure process.

This ASD Closure Training in Istanbul not only offers a platform for skill refinement but also facilitates networking and collaboration among fellow cardiologists. By combining theoretical instruction with practical exposure, the training ensures that attendees leave with a heightened confidence and competence in performing ASD closure procedures.

Whether new to the field or seeking to refine existing skills, this event promises to be a pivotal educational opportunity for cardiologists looking to advance their expertise in ASD closure techniques.

More details about the training will be announced soon.

Please note that our trainings are specialized procedural trainings provided by ADN CoE. They are accredited by Ethical Medtech and EACCME and they are independent of any other training offered by relevant device companies.



Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus
Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus



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