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Some Few Things to Know About The Basic Alcohol Septal Ablation Training organized by ADN CoE

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The Basic Alcohol Septal Ablation Training

One of the most common complex procedures performed in the world, also known as one of the most effective treatments for people with respiratory problems. Taking the initiation to organize a training in this topic was taken first by ADN CoE, in which industry leaders, healthcare providers and world's leading experts in this field from Turkey and many countries around the world gathered to learn more and share knowledge in order to get a better understanding of Alcohol Septal ablation procedure’s step by step and how it can improve their patients' quality of life.

The training included Lectures sessions and Septal Ablation procedure’s cases observation. During the sessions instructed by Prof. Dr. Veysel Oktay who explained how to perform the procedure and provided tips for minimizing risks and complications as well as every other detail of the procedure.

The Basic Alcohol Septal Ablation Training

The cases observation made during the second day of the organized training provided learners with the opportunity to discover in close all the practiced techniques used during Septal Ablation procedure.

The training was held by a very knowledgeable instructor about the technical aspects of Septal Ablation as well as the best practices for performing the procedure in a safe manner. He drew on years of experience to provide comprehensive and useful information for the learners. In addition, He presented the material in an engaging and interesting way.

The Basic Alcohol Septal Ablation Training

The course also provided opportunities for learners to discuss their experiences with other healthcare practitioners in the field. Overall, this was an extremely informative and enjoyable course and that motivate the team to look forward to offering more trainings like this in the future.

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