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Mitral Valve Intervention Training: Key Takeaways from Our recently held Training

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Mitral Valve Intervention

ADN CoE recently held an exceptional two-day training focused on the latest techniques for treating mitral valve disease. Led by Assoc. Prof. Ismail Ateş and Dr. Zeynettin Kaya; renowned experts in mitral valve interventions, this course offered an amazing opportunity for continued education.

The training provided clinicians with a deeper understanding of mitral valve anatomy, function, and disease processes. By reviewing mitral valve imaging and sampling illustrative case studies, attendees gained greater insight into real-world clinical challenges.

Mitral Valve Intervention

A major highlight was the live broadcast of a mitral valve procedure from our catheterization lab. Clinicians were able to observe the entire process in real-time, from initial diagnosis to implementing the repair technique. This provided invaluable perspective into how these life-saving interventions are performed.

Mitral Valve Intervention

Clinicians joined us from cardiology departments across the country and abroad. The enthusiastic feedback highlighted how successful this training was for furthering their medical education. Attendees left feeling excited to implement their new knowledge and skills in treating patients with mitral valve disease.

Mitral Valve Intervention

Our team looks forward to hosting more educational events coming like this. Ongoing training on the latest techniques and technologies allows us to provide the highest quality care to patients across the world. stay tuned for what's coming next.


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