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Mitraclip & Triclip Hands-On session

Start Date

May 20, 2024

End Date

May 21, 2024

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Session's Overview:

Live Procedure Observation: Witness live Mitraclip & Triclip procedures performed by renowned experts within the hospital's surgical suites. Experience firsthand the intricacies of clip placement, patient selection considerations, and procedural nuances.

Real-time Insights: Gain immediate exposure to cutting-edge techniques and technologies utilized in Mitraclip & Triclip interventions. Witness how these advancements are applied in real-time, enhancing your understanding of their practical applications.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from comprehensive commentary and insights shared by leading practitioners in the field. Address queries and receive invaluable guidance, ensuring a rich learning experience tailored to your needs.

Session Specifics:

Duration: 2 day

Language: English

Simultaneous Translation: Not available

Live Procedures: Multiple live Mitraclip & Triclip cases showcased during the training session

Learning Objectives:

Mitraclip & Triclip deployment techniques

Patient selection criteria and pre-procedural assessment

Complication management and troubleshooting

Key Benefits:

Hands-On Experience: Engage directly with live cases, honing your skills in Mitraclip & Triclip procedures under expert supervision.

Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced professionals at the forefront of interventional cardiology, gaining insights into best practices and advanced techniques.

Real-world Application: Prepare for real-world scenarios by experiencing authentic patient cases, enhancing your ability to navigate complex clinical situations.

Cutting-edge Technology: Explore the latest advancements in structural heart interventions, equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to deliver optimal patient care.

Interactive Learning Environment: Collaborate with peers and experts in a dynamic setting, fostering a rich educational experience centered on practical skill development.

Akdeniz Yasam Vakfı (ASV) Hospital





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