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Unveiling the Unforgettable, A Journey Through Our 3-Day IVUS / OCT Training

IVUS / OCT Training

The echoes of learning, collaboration, and sheer dedication linger as we reflect on the three remarkable days that formed our recent training event. Hosted at the esteemed Memorial Hizmet Hospital and supported by the incredible team at Seyrantepe Hamidiye Etfal Training & Research Hospital, these days were a testament to the power of knowledge-sharing, camaraderie, and tireless support.

At the heart of this enriching experience were the invaluable insights shared by a true luminary in cardiac imaging, Dr. Diaa Hakim. Known affectionately as the "legend of cardiac imaging" by many attendees, his expertise from Harvard Medical School became the guiding light for all participants. The depth of knowledge, coupled with an unparalleled ability to communicate complex concepts shared by all esteemed instructors; Prof. Dr. Barış Ökçün, Prof.Dr. Ahmet Yildiz and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kudret Keskin, left an indelible mark on each attendee.

IVUS / OCT Training

The fervent gratitude from our attendees for Dr. Diaa Hakim, Prof. Dr. Barış Ökçün, Prof.Dr. Ahmet Yildiz and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kudret Keskin resonated through every session. Their commitment to imparting wisdom, addressing queries, and fostering an environment of learning received resounding appreciation.

None of this would have been possible without the seamless collaboration between Memorial Hizmet Hospital, whose warm hospitality provided the perfect setting for our event, and Seyrantepe Hamidiye Etfal Training & Research Hospital. The unwavering support from the Catheter Laboratory Team fueled the practical aspect of our training, making the live cases and real-time transmissions an unforgettable learning experience.

IVUS / OCT Training

From the live cases witnessed to the engaging conversations, from the moments of intense learning to the shared joy of completing quizzes, each instant weaved itself into a tapestry of memories. The unity, enthusiasm, and passion for advancing medical knowledge were palpable throughout.

As we bid adieu to this incredible chapter, our hearts overflow with gratitude. To our exceptional instructors and the entire team at Memorial Hizmet Hospital and Seyrantepe Hamidiye Etfal Training & Research Hospital, we extend our deepest thanks. Your dedication, support, and commitment made this event not just successful but also immensely rewarding.

As we carry forth the knowledge gained and the bonds forged, let us continue this journey of discovery, learning, and collaboration.


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