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Marking the new year with the first Robotic Urology symposium & courses held in Turkey by RMK AIMES Training Center

January 7, 2023 at 6:00:00 AM

Marking the new year with the first Robotic Urology symposium & courses held in Turkey by RMK AIMES Training Center.

Today marks the world’s of urology with another Robotic Urology symposium and course, which was held on the 7th and 8th of January 2023 to mark the beginning of the new year and be the first Robotic urology course organized in the 2023 year in Istanbul Turkey. RMK AIMES Training Center with the support of Koç University Hospital; known as one of the biggest and most well-known hospitals in Turkey were hosting the symposium under the title; ‘’Fellows of Prof. Dr. M.Derya Balbay Robotic Urology Symposium & Course’’ in RMK AIMES Surgical Training & Convention Center.
In this unique session, healthcare professionals and urologists especially, from Turkey and abroad discussed their knowledge and shared points of view on several interesting topics that were included in the event program.
On the first day, Saturday 07 January 2023, the program included 5 courses, Robotic human fresh frozen radical prostatectomy course, Robotic human fresh frozen cystectomy with intracorporeal ileal loop formation course, Da Vinci Robotic Simulator Training Course, Laparoscopic Training Box E-BLUS Training Course and Multiparametric Prostate MRI & MR Fusion Prostate Biopsy Course. Course participants were from Saudi Arabia, Austria and Turkey. President of the event was Prof. M. Derya Balbay and secretary was Prof. A. Erdem Canda. Guest faculty was Prof. Abolfazl Hosseini from Karolinska Instituet in Stockholm, Sweden. During the symposium many robotic surgical techniques were presented with interactive discussions including urologic oncology, pediatric, reconstructive and benign conditions in robotic urology. Fellows present and seniors comments were presented at the end of the day.
The second day was as full as the first day in which there was also some robotic radical prostatectomy video sessions as well as hands-on trainings on the program’s courses including Robotic human fresh frozen upper urinary tract surgery course and then they closed the day with some closing remarks and presenting certificates to the attendees.
The event can be marked as a very successful symposium with many robotic courses in the robotic urology field, which could be added to the many successes achieved by the RMK AIMES Surgical Training & Convention Center. Which drives the organization to hope for more and give us another appointment with one of the biggest Urology Symposiums and structured courses, in collaboration with Oxford university. It is going to be a two full days’ program that will include many courses such as Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery & Uretero-neo-cystostomy Course, Advanced International Minimally Invasive Stone Surgery (AIMESS) Course, Robotic prostate cancer surgery course and Robotic upper urinary tract surgery course all on human fresh frozen cadavers that will be given by many experts in the field form Oxford & Koç University Hospital to be held at RMK AIMES Surgical Training & Comvention Center.

• The most up-to-date preliminary program can be found in our urology courses section, don’t forget to make your registration and soon as possible and save your place.

Marking the new year with the first Robotic Urology symposium & courses held in Turkey by RMK AIMES Training Center

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