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Bahcelievler Memorial Hospital

Bahcelievler Memorial Hospital, located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence on the global stage. Renowned as a world-class medical institution, it seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology, a distinguished academic staff, and a patient-centered care philosophy to redefine healthcare standards.

As one of the most expansive health complexes globally, Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital spans an impressive 72 thousand square meters, including a lush green area of 8 thousand square meters. The hospital's modern architectural design is a testament to its commitment to providing ethical and high-quality health services in line with global standards.

Being the 11th project of the esteemed Memorial Health Group, the hospital boasts cutting-edge facilities, including 320 beds, 15 advanced operating rooms, a hybrid operating room, and a total of 49 intensive care unit beds. Additionally, it houses 135 outpatient clinics and 31 medical observation rooms, ensuring a comprehensive range of medical services for diverse healthcare needs.

Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital is distinguished by its dedication to patient comfort and well-being. Every aspect of its design, from the lobby to patient rooms, reflects a commitment to meeting the needs of patients and their families. The hospital provides a warm and welcoming environment, emphasizing the role of surroundings in the healing process. Specialized diagnostic and treatment programs are offered through cutting-edge technology, including superior imaging units, complex laboratories, and hybrid operating rooms.

The hospital's specialized clinics and services cater to a variety of medical disciplines, offering internationally recognized technological infrastructure. Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital is equipped with advanced systems such as Elekta Versa HD SIGNATURE for cancer treatment, robotic surgery, and a range of radiological imaging systems.

Notably, Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital holds the prestigious title of the world's first LEED Platinum-certified full-fledged hospital, emphasizing its commitment to energy and environmentally friendly design. The hospital's green concept extends to both interior and exterior spaces, integrating living plants that contribute to the well-being of patients, relatives, and staff. The hospital's design, incorporating non-allergic natural plants, aligns with principles of environmental sensitivity, encompassing energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable area planning, and indoor quality criteria.

The healing power of art is a central theme at Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital, where timeless designs and the use of natural light create a positive impact on the psychological well-being of patients and their families. Art is incorporated into the hospital's architecture, guided by renowned consultants in acoustics, landscape, lighting, and design.

Beyond its national acclaim, Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital has become a center of attraction for foreign patients, accepting individuals from 167 countries worldwide. With specialized departments that serve as a reference center in the international arena, including Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Oncology, the hospital has established itself as a global healthcare destination. The hospital's commitment to excellence, combined with its international recognition, positions Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital at the forefront of healthcare innovation and compassionate patient care.

It is a world-renowned healthcare institution that blends cutting-edge technology, patient-centric care, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Bahcelievler Memorial Hospital

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