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Your Partner in Advancing Science, ADN CoE


Offering unique services, Wellborn Luxury Hotel creates a suitable atmosphere for meetings and conferences.

Surrounded by the entertaining and relaxing atmosphere of the pubs and restaurants at Wellborn Luxury Hotel, you’ll get to relax and enjoy special cocktails and your favorite drinks.

You will immerse yourself in the peaceful and entertaining atmosphere of the restaurants and bars of Wellborn Luxury Hotel, which is the best quality and most stylish accommodation point of Kocaeli. Beautiful cocktails and delicious food that will make your blood boil at first sight are waiting to meet you.

Let Captain Morgan Roof Bar & Bistro take you deep into British Pub culture, or let the Lobby Bar & Lounge accompany your conversation. Let the delicious food of Liman Restaurant greet you with a warm welcome, or let the RUF Grill & Kebab view the Gulf at your feet.

RUF Grill & Kebab offers a culinary journey full of unlimited options throughout the day in a magnificent atmosphere against the sea, in a modern and comfortable decoration. The wonderful tastes of RUF Grill & Kebab are waiting for you.

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