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Tricuspid Valve Interventions Training

Start Date

March 4, 2024

End Date

March 5, 2024

Price & Registration

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Prepare to immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience at the upcoming Tricuspid Valve Interventions Training in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey.

This meticulously organized event is designed to empower cardiologists with cutting-edge insights and skills in tricuspid valve interventions. Renowned as a hub of medical excellence, Istanbul will play host to this transformative training led by some of the most distinguished experts in the field.

Over the course of two enlightening days, participants will delve into a diverse range of topics;

On the first day, the program will unfold with a series of thought-provoking theoretical lectures and engaging discussions. From the fundamental principles of tricuspid valve anatomy to the latest advancements in interventional techniques, attendees will gain a holistic understanding of the subject. The interactive nature of the sessions encourages the exchange of ideas and the exploration of real-world case scenarios, enriching the learning experience.

The second day promises an unparalleled opportunity as participants step into the catheter lab of a prestigious hospital to witness live tricuspid valve intervention cases guided by experts. This hands-on observation will bridge the gap between theory and practice, enabling attendees to witness the application of concepts in a clinical setting.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a budding enthusiast, the Tricuspid Valve Interventions Training will undoubtedly elevate your expertise and equip you to deliver enhanced care to your patients. Join us in Istanbul for an educational journey that promises to reshape your approach to tricuspid valve interventions.

More details about the training will be announced soon.

GOP Yeni Yuzyil University Hospital


Dr. Zeynettin KAYA

Assoc. Prof. Ismail Ates


Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus
Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus



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