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Tavi Masterclass

Start Date

January 12, 2024

End Date

January 13, 2024

Price & Registration

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Training Overview

Live cases:

Witness six live cases conducted by expert instructors within the cath lab, showcasing percutaneous repair and transcatheter replacement techniques. These real-time interventions provide a comprehensive understanding of procedural intricacies and patient selection, emphasizing cutting-edge technologies in practice.

Expert Commentary:

Instructors provide comprehensive commentary, share insights, and address questions during each live case, ensuring a thorough learning experience directly from the cath lab.

Training Specifics:

Duration: 2 days

Language: English

Simultaneous Translator: Not provided

Live Cases: 6 live cases showcased during the training

Key Benefits:

Comprehensive Learning:

Immerse in a practice-centric approach, focusing on real-life cases without the theoretical component.

Expert Guidance:

Learn from leading professionals in the field, observing their techniques and decision-making live.

Cutting-edge Technology:

Directly witness the use of advanced technologies and devices during live interventions.

Interactive Environment:

Engage actively with the procedures, fostering hands-on learning and collaborative understanding.

Useful Information:

(For participants who choose the accommodation and transfer pack)

Transfer: The transfer vehicle will accompany you during the training. Departure from the hotel to the hospital. Please board the transfer vehicle at 08:00

Dress Code: Business Casual

Surgical Suits: Provided by the ADN CoE Training Team.

Adana City Health training and Research Center


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Halil Kurt


Divan Adana Hotel
Divan Adana Hotel



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