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TAVI and Left Sided Procedures Hands-On Session III

Start Date

September 28, 2024

End Date

September 30, 2024

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Session's Overview:

Live Procedure Observation: Witness several live Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) and left-sided cardiac procedures performed by esteemed experts within the hospital's catheterization lab. Experience firsthand the intricacies of these procedures, gaining invaluable exposure to real-time decision-making and patient-specific considerations.

Interactive Learning: Engage directly with experts during the live procedures, asking questions and receiving immediate insights into techniques, challenges, and outcomes. Participate actively in discussions to deepen your understanding of procedural nuances and clinical management strategies.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from comprehensive commentary and guidance provided by experienced practitioners throughout the live cases. Address specific queries and receive personalized feedback, ensuring a rich learning experience tailored to your needs.

Training Specifics:

Duration: 3 days

Language: English

Simultaneous Translation: Not available

Live Procedures: Multiple live TAVI and left-sided cardiac procedures showcased during the training

Learning Objectives:

Mastering TAVI Techniques: Gain proficiency in transcatheter aortic valve implantation procedures, including patient selection, valve deployment, and post-procedural care.

Left-sided Cardiac Interventions: Acquire skills in performing left-sided cardiac procedures, such as mitral valve interventions or complex coronary interventions, under the guidance of experts.

Optimizing Procedural Outcomes: Learn strategies for optimizing procedural outcomes, managing complications, and ensuring patient safety during TAVI and left-sided interventions.

Key Benefits:

Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical, hands-on experience within the catheterization lab, honing your skills under the guidance of experienced practitioners.

Expert Mentorship: Learn directly from leading experts in the field of structural heart interventions, receiving personalized guidance and feedback throughout the training.

Real-world Application: Apply learned techniques and strategies directly to clinical practice, preparing you to perform TAVI and left-sided procedures independently with confidence.

Cutting-edge Technology: Explore the latest advancements in structural heart interventions, gaining exposure to state-of-the-art equipment and techniques utilized in TAVI and left-sided interventions.

Interactive Learning Environment: Collaborate with peers and experts in a dynamic and interactive setting, fostering a rich educational experience focused on practical skill development.





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