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Rotational Atherectomy Training

Start Date

March 21, 2024

End Date

March 22, 2024

Price & Registration

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Training Overview

Theoretical Foundation and Interactive Discussions

Dive into the world of rotational atherectomy with our comprehensive training program. Led by expert in the field, this course covers the theoretical foundations of rotational atherectomy, diagnostic methodologies, and the scientific principles behind this innovative technique.

Engaging Discussions: Participate in interactive sessions delving into real-world case studies, facilitating a deep understanding of decision-making processes and clinical applications in rotational atherectomy.

Active Participation: Collaborate with renowned faculty members and fellow participants, fostering a dynamic environment for refining clinical approaches and enhancing knowledge.

Live cases experience in cath Lab

Live Demonstrations: Observe two live cases conducted by expert instructor within the cathlab, showcasing cutting-edge rotational atherectomy techniques and diagnostic approaches.

Real-time Exposure: Gain insights into procedural intricacies, patient selection nuances, and the latest advancements in rotational atherectomy during live interventions.

Expert Insights: Benefit from comprehensive commentary provided by instructor, addressing questions and ensuring a thorough learning experience in rotational atherectomy.

Training Specifics:

Duration: 2 days

Language: English

Simultaneous Translator: Not provided

Live Cases: 3 live cases showcased during the training

Test Type: Quiz

Key Benefits:

Comprehensive Learning: A balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure in rotational atherectomy.

Expert Guidance: Learn from leading professionals in the field of rotational atherectomy.

Real-world Insights: Gain practical insights into decision-making and clinical applications of rotational atherectomy.

Cutting-edge Technology: Witness firsthand the use of advanced rotational atherectomy technologies and devices.

Interactive Environment: Actively participate in discussions and collaborative learning, enhancing your understanding of rotational atherectomy.

Useful Information

(For participants who choose the accommodation and transfer pack)

Transfer: The transfer vehicle will depart from the hotel to the venue at 8:00 on the due date. Please ensure timely boarding.

Dress Code: Business Casual

Please note that our trainings are specialized procedural trainings provided by ADN CoE. They are accredited by Ethical Medtech and EACCME and they are independent of any other training offered by relevant device companies.

Cemil Tascioğlu City Hospital



Assoc. Prof. Gokhan Cetinkal

Cemil Tascioğlu City Hospital
Prof. Dr. Kadriye Orta Kılıçkesmez

Cemil Tascioğlu City Hospital

Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus
Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus



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