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Emory University & Koç University SUNSHINE Uro-oncology Symposium

Start Date

October 5, 2024

End Date

October 5, 2024

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The Sunshine Uro-Oncology Symposium, jointly organized by Emory University and Koç University, is a premier event in the field of urology. Scheduled for October 5, 2024, in Istanbul, this symposium offers a comprehensive program covering various aspects of urological oncology. Renowned experts will lead sessions on topics such as prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, testis cancer, and more. The symposium features distinguished faculty members from prestigious institutions, including Emory University and Koç University Hospital, who will share cutting-edge insights and advancements in urological oncology.

The program includes sessions on prostate cancer, with discussions on the latest guidelines, early detection, imaging, surgical techniques, and integrative oncology. Additionally, there will be sessions on kidney cancer, focusing on imaging modalities, surgical approaches, and the treatment landscape. The symposium also covers bladder and testis cancer, addressing topics like circulating tumor DNA, gene therapy, and the role of surgery.

Notable speakers at the symposium include Dr. Martin Sanda, Dr. Ashesh B. Jani, Dr. Derya Tilki, Dr. Fatih Selçukbiricik, and many other esteemed professionals in the field of urology and oncology. With a diverse range of topics and expert speakers, this symposium promises to be a valuable educational and networking opportunity for healthcare professionals interested in urological oncology.

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