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CTO PCI Masterclass Milan

Start Date

September 25, 2023

End Date

September 26, 2023

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The most critical issue in sustainable medical education is the limited ability to practice on simulation devices and the limited opportunities for one-on-one training. The educational opportunities that can be reached can be made with the opportunities of medical devices.

CTO PCI procedure is a complex coronary interventional procedure. Physicians are required to learn step by step within the catheter laboratory from specialist physicians who are currently performing the procedure. Educational learning methods will be Live Case Observation, Video, Lectures, On-site, Hands-on Practice, and Specific groups.

Consistency and determination are essential to developing a successful CTO PCI response program. The best way to do this is with a good CTO cardiac team.

The most important components of the Cardiac team are a good CTO operator, a well-trained CTO Cardiac catheterization personnel, equipment, protocols, awareness of administration and referring physicians, and informing patients. The first of the steps is to learn the CTO PCI Procedure.

CTO's procedural skills can be developed through reading, attending courses, observing, and repetitive practice.

Persistence, careful planning, focus, creativity, learning from failures, and tracking procedural outcomes are important.

Another important detail is the training of the catheterization laboratory personnel, the acquisition of the necessary equipment, and the creation of specific protocols for the CTO procedure that can help develop the CTO Program.

Education of the catheterization laboratory staff, obtaining the necessary equipment, and establishing CTO-specific protocols can assist with CTO program development. Also, highlighting the need for a CTO program and demonstrating its feasibility and potential institutional benefits can assist with securing support from the administration. Increasing the awareness of the CTO program can be accomplished through the education of referring physicians, presenting at local and national conferences, and providing patient-centered education.

Participants can learn the basic concepts, principles, theories, guidelines, and terminology used in the CTO PCI procedure.

To meet the health needs of the CTO PCI procedure by ensuring the correct identification of CTO PCI patients.


The best format to achieve the objectives of the session will be;

☐ In-person Live

☐ Small Group

☐ Enduring Materials, Self-Study

☐ Medical Journals, Self-Study

☐ Performance Improvement

☐ Point of Care

Learner Engagement

Following methods will this session utilize to engage the learners.

☐ Case/Problem-Based Learning

☐ Hands-On/Skill-Based

☐ Panel Discussion

☐ Performance/Quality Improvement Process

☐ Question and Answer

☐ Small Groups

CTO PCI Masterclass Training will be held at Humanitas Research Hospital on 25 - 26 September 2023, with theoretical lectures, Live-in Box Sessions, and Hands-on Practices in the Meeting room will attend 3 live CTO PCI cases, then Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gasparini and Prof. Dr. Şevket Görgülü.

On the 2nd day, we will conduct 3 live cases in the Humanitas Research Hospital Catheter Laboratory and case studies in the meeting room of the hospital. We would be honored by your presence and participation in our training to be held in Milan Italy.

Humanitas Research Hospital


Humanitas Research Hospital
Dr. Damiano Regazzoli Lancini

Humanitas Research Hospital

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Luigi Gasparini

Istanbul Biruni University
Prof. Dr. Sevket Gorgulu

Istanbul Biruni University


NH Milano Congress Centre
NH Milano Congress Centre



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