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Prof. Dr. Diana Trendafilova

Sveta Ekaterina hospital
Prof. Dr. Diana Trendafilova

Prof. Dr. Diana Trendafilova is a highly accomplished cardiologist with extensive experience in various cardiac procedures. She graduated from the Medical Academy in Sofia in 1983 and went on to receive her scientific degree "Doctor" in 2009. She became an Associate Professor at the Cardiology Clinic in 2011 and was appointed Professor of Cardiology in March 2016. Prof. Dr. Diana Trendafilova's areas of expertise include coronary, carotid, and peripheral stenting, as well as implantation of aortic endoprostheses. She has also been involved in the introduction of several innovative procedures such as transcatheter aortic valve prosthetics, rotablation, stem cell implantation, and septal ablation. Prof. Dr. Diana Trendafilova has received additional training and specializations abroad in interventional cardiology and is a member of various professional organizations and societies.

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